Arkit – the Most Revolutionary of Ios 11 Update

iOS 11

Arkit – the Most Revolutionary of Ios 11 Update

Did the differences between iOS operating systems in the past few years seem small and sometimes almost unrecognizable? Do not worry. This year will really bring about the big change. And it will not be just a visual change that will sign into the looks of some icons, but an overall change.

iPhone usage will change for good with iOS 11. Well, do not expect such miracles. But it will be different for sure. You can read more about ARKit on this site.

One of the most interesting and impressive features of iOS 11 is undoubtedly the virtual reality feature – ARKit. That could be an enormous benefit to Apple in the future for building on other projects.

The potential of ARKit has not escaped even the most well-known world companies, which are interested in its use in their favor. His business could, through him, develop much better.

Probably you already know that ARKit has caught the attention of Swedish furniture giant, IKEA. In the future, they would like to create virtual models of her furniture that users could place in their homes and better adjust how physical pieces would look real.

And precisely in this is the power of ARKit, its accessibility is universal. This is all about the newest iOS 11 and newer iPhone or iPad. This is, in view of what ARKit could manage in the coming months and years. By kneading your finger, you do not just test how the sofa fits into your living room. You can even accurately measure dimensions for a floating floor or plan where to hang the picture. All this just through your iPhone or iPad in your hand.

Isn’t this amazing?

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